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5 quick ways to understand the basics of AI

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

By Nancy Nemes - Founder Ms. AI

Many fields fall under the umbrella of Artificial Intelligence. Here are 5 fundamentals of AI.

Ms. AI knows it all starts with understanding the basics....

  1. Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence by machines. Trained by humans to do so, machines can demonstrate certain aspects of human intelligence, such as learning, reasoning, self-correcting. Classic examples of AI are speech recognition, problem solving, learning and planning.

  2. The major fields of AI are: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Speech Processing, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation, Vision, Robotics, Expert Systems, and Planning.

  3. Artificial Intelligence is nothing new. It has been in research labs for many years. An important step towards the development of modern AI was the creation of The Logic Theorist. The person who finally coined the term artificial intelligence in 1955 and is regarded as the father of AI is John McCarthy. In 1956 he organized the famous Dartmouth Conference and here is where AI started as a field.

  4. Some of the best programming languages for AI are: Python, R, Java, Prolog, Lisp or Hadoop.

  5. The difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is that machine learning is simply one of the applications of AI that provides machines/robots the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience.

Today, massive amounts of data are always available, and that is the basis for Artificial Intelligence. There is no AI without Big Data. All the sub-branches of AI are all algorithmic methods that use huge amounts of data to produce insightful results.

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