AI for Europe is inclusive and diverse. Together with our strategic knowledge partners we co-create a thriving European ecosystem to drive social good through AI, and to contribute to shaping a beautiful world for all. We start by asking relevant questions such as: 1. Why do you need AI? 2. What is your Artificial Intelligence story? 3. How do you fix your mix? 

With This is AI, we are showcasing the top use case applications , primarily made in Europe, across industry (retail, healthcare, fintech, automotive), business sectors (marketing, HR, customer services, IT, operations) and technical achievements (facial recognition, voice recognition, machine learning and more).

Together with our partners, we advise Boards and the C-level on identifying AI solutions for every business problem, re-imagining business models, products, and services, realizing business value and efficiencies and driving customer experience to the highest level made possible by advanced AI tools. 

We partner with the top global AI researchers and influencers who are the first in the field. And we conduct research focusing on AI, Europe, Demographics, Diversity & Inclusion. 

OUR knowledge partners


There are numerous use cases of AI today, and here are some of the best applications Made In Europe. We are also featuring our partner from Africa, Afya Rekod. Have a look:


Deep Learning vision software for order picking and parcel handling 


#1 in finding best possible 6DOF grasp poses of objects that vary in shape, size, color, material.


Segmenting, classifying, quality control and determining >100 of the best possible grasp locations each second!



Here are the kEY RESULTS of OUR research


If you would like to get more details, contact us! 


21 of our AI Experts and Ambassadors have united during March 2019 to address key questions such as:

  • How can we scale AI across Europe?

  • What does Europe need to achieve digital transformation?

  • What should Europe do to drive interconnected systems and societal inclusiveness?

  • What are the Skill Gaps in AI in Europe?

  • What AI Infrastructure is needed in Europe to lead and compete in AI vs US and China?

  • In what foundational AI areas should Europe invest?

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