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WE: this is the #humanAIZE FAMILY


"There is power in unity and there is power in numbers" - said Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


We are an initiative uniting people who support our mission to enable 20 million people in Europe with AI by 2023, of  which 10 million are women. To realize this vision, we:


  1. Connect AI people into our and other relevant networks aiming to scale our joint activities 

  2. Use an extensive set of tools for educational, scientific, commercial and charitable purposes supporting our mission


We are makers and shapers, doers and creators who are bringing AI forward... people who want to understand, learn, shape and use these technologies for the greater societal good. 

Browse below to see the brilliant minds behind the beautiful faces: 

  • The managing team and experienced advisory board

  • The Ambassadors - profiled individuals who are passionately representing our vision and brand in their communities

  • The AI Experts - executives, advisors, professors, business people, developers, trainers, artists, public sector people, media people, inspiring role-models who are shaping and innovating the AI space

  • And our two office dogs - who are very curious to meet Aibo and WowWeeChippies in person

Managing team

Nancy Nemes

Founder #humanAIze & Ms. AI  

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Valentin Nemes

Founder & President Nemes Ventures

Cybersecurity, platform management, product management, international human resources

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Marcy Simon

Agent Of Change


Global advisor to C-suite, founders, entrepreneurs from the world's most innovative and influential companies

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Founding member of The Clinton Global Initiative & Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation



Eszter Debreczeni



"With #humanAIze we are ready to "compose" the way AI evolves in the future. We are committed to "play" a more diverse AI in Europe, that integrates the best of digital and human with a clear purpose to a better life for all. We welcome all who would like to be part of the biggest ever feMale "AI orchestra" that plays the "music" of the future - NOW!"


International HR expert & executive coach

Former Human Resources leader at Microsoft, Pepsi and DHL

Agile HR orchestrator & digital HR advocate

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Benjamin Ruschin

Founder & Managing Director WeAreDevelopers

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"#humanAIze is one of the most promising tech communities out there, promoting equality, spreading knowledge and raising awareness for the opportunities and challenges brought about by the technological advances we are witnessing today.“


Founder & Managing Director of WeAreDevelopers, Europe‘s largest platform and community for software developers. Co-Founder & Shareholder of the corporate education startup Codeversity, which teaches coding and digital skills. 


Forbes 30 under 30.

Nominated as a „Digital Leader“ by the World Economic Forum

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Prof. Dr. Michael Dowling

Professor of Innovation and Technology Management

Chairman of the Münchner Kreis


Professor at University of Regensburg

Chairman Münchner Kreis

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"#humanAIze is a great opportunity to network with AI leaders in the business and the academic communities. The Münchner Kreis is dedicated to working with other digital leaders such and Nancy Nemes and her colleagues to provide leadership and orientation for the digital transformation of business and society".

- Michael
Gabi Zedlmayer

Social Innovator


Former Chief Progress Officer @ HP

Leader future of work, social innovation & sustainability

Multiple awards from Newsweek, FastCompany, DLDWomen, InspiringFifty, ELLE Magazine

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"Joining #humanAIze  is an exciting opportunity to democratize access to all things AI with and for women. With >85% of the AI workforce being male we're setting out to make this space more diverse and inclusive".

- Gabi


Victoria Kimonides

Neuroscientist & Director 


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Dorothee Ritz

General Manager 

Microsoft Austria

Reid Blackman

Philosopher & Ethics Ph. D. 

Founder & CEO Virtue

Denis Rothman

AI Innovator, Author, Speaker

Shiva Sander Tavalley

AI Lead


Shiva 1.PNG
Prof. Dr. Dagmar Monett

Computer Science, HWR Berlin,


Dilek Demir

Data Scientist , Forbes 30 under 30


Kenza Ait Si Abbou

Robotics & AI Lead

Deutsche Telekom

Herbert ten Have



Alec Balasescu PhD

Anthropologist, Writer, Curator, Researcher

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Dr. Djamila Amimer

CEO Mind Senses Global

Prof. Dr. Jana Koehler

DFKI - German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

Jana Koehler.jpg
Rahaf Harfoush

Red Thread Institute of Digital Culture, Author, Digital Anthropologist, Professor

Maria Luciana Axente

AI for Good Lead


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Vera Schneevoigt

CDO Bosch

Clara Neppel

Senior Director IEEE


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Christian Mio Loclair

Creative Director Waltz Binn

Dr. Anna Lukasson-Herzig 

CEO & Founder - Nyris GmbH

Anna Lukkason Herzig.jpg
Dr. Stella Lee 

Digital Learning Consultant, Educator, Writer, Speaker, and Researcher

Stella Lee.jpg
Dalith Steiger-Gablinger

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Swiss Cognitive The Global AI Hub

Dalith Steiger.jpg
Felix Hovsepian PhD

CTO & Founder Blue Manifold Ltd

felix h.jpg
Emmanuelle Blons

Author, Assoc VP Infosys


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Monica M. Sheikhy

VP of Sales AI

monika sheikhy.jpg
Alexandra Ebert

AI & GDPR/Privacy 

Alexandra Cernian PhD

Lecturer @ University Politehnica Bucharest, Digital Expert

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Andrea Martin

Leader Watson Center Munich


andrea martin.png