WE: this is the Ms. AI FAMILY


"There is power in unity and there is power in numbers" - said Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Ms. AI is a philanthropic initiative uniting people who support our mission to enable 10 million women in Europe with AI by 2023. To realize this vision, we:


  1. Connect AI people into our and other relevant networks aiming to scale our joint activities 

  2. Use an extensive set of tools for educational, scientific, commercial and charitable purposes supporting our mission


And who is Ms. AI? All the below people who are forming our European community - makers and shapers, doers and creators who are bringing AI forward.... and can be any woman and man who is interested in supporting our initiative as well as people who want to understand, learn, shape and use these technologies. 

Browse below to see the brilliant minds behind the beautiful faces: 

  • The managing team and experienced advisory board

  • The Ms. AI Ambassadors - profiled individuals who are passionately representing our vision and brand in their communities

  • The AI Experts - executives, advisors, professors, business people, developers, trainers, artists, public sector people, media people, inspiring role-models who are shaping and innovating the AI space

  • And our two office dogs - who are very curious to meet Aibo and WowWeeChippies in person


Victoria Kimonides

Neuroscientist & Director 


Dorothee Ritz

General Manager 

Microsoft Austria

Reid Blackman

Philosopher & Ethics Ph. D. 

Founder & CEO Virtue

Denis Rothman

AI Innovator, Author, Speaker

Shiva Sander Tavalley

AI Lead


Prof. Dr. Dagmar Monett

Computer Science, HWR Berlin,


Dilek Demir

Data Scientist , Forbes 30 under 30


Kenza Ait Si Abbou

Robotics & AI Lead

Deutsche Telekom

Herbert ten Have



Alec Balasescu PhD

Anthropologist, Writer, Curator, Researcher

Dr. Djamila Amimer

CEO Mind Senses Global

Prof. Dr. Jana Koehler

DFKI - German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

Rahaf Harfoush

Red Thread Institute of Digital Culture, Author, Digital Anthropologist, Professor

Maria Luciana Axente

AI for Good Lead


Vera Schneevoigt

CDO Bosch

Elena Ardelean

Founder AI4DevelopmentAgency

Dr. Isabell Franck

Founder & MD franck.AI

Dr. Mariarosaria Taddeo

Deputy Director Digital Ethics Lab @ Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Monika Orlowska

Managing Partner & Country Head France


Teemu Roos

Assoc Professor University of Helsinki

Lead creator of Elements of AI

Maya Ackerman

AI Professor, Founder WaveAI, Speaker, Author, PhD

Dr. med. Enise Lauterbach

Founder & CEO 

Digital Hub Trier

Sofie Quidenus

CEO & Founder

Dr. Katharina von Knop

Founder & CEO

Digital Trust Analytics

Dr. Isabell Claus


Dr. Vince Madai

MD, PhD, MA, Sr Medical AI Researcher at Charité Berlin, CSO at ai4medicine

Clara Neppel

Senior Director IEEE


Christian Mio Loclair

Creative Director Waltz Binn

Dr. Anna Lukasson-Herzig 

CEO & Founder - Nyris GmbH

Dr. Stella Lee 

Digital Learning Consultant, Educator, Writer, Speaker, and Researcher

Dalith Steiger-Gablinger

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Swiss Cognitive The Global AI Hub

Emmanuelle Blons

Author, Assoc VP Infosys


Monica M. Sheikhy

VP of Sales AI

Alexandra Ebert

AI & GDPR/Privacy 

Alexandra Cernian PhD

Lecturer @ University Politehnica Bucharest, Digital Expert

Andrea Martin

Leader Watson Center Munich


Felix Hovsepian PhD

CTO & Founder Blue Manifold Ltd

Dr. Annette Leonhard-MacDonald 

Director Invention Center Munich

Donata Petrelli

Financial Data Scientist

Louise Botfield

Senior Principal AI & Automation


Dr. Annemarie Paul

Data Scientist

Ginkgo Analytics

Emily Gorcenski
Hanna Hennig


Anna Gudmundson

Tech Executive

Hwei Geok Ng

Data Scientist

Ginkgo Analytics

Megan Schaible 

Director Elements of AI


Stefania Druga 

Founder, Researcher

Cognimates, HacKIDemia

Anna Tidstam

PhD, Head of SW Quality & Virtual Validation

BMW Group

Hannah Evans

AI & Machine Learning 


Didem Un Ates

Sr. Director AI Customer & Partner Engagement


Beril Sirmacek

Dr.Eng.UTWENTE, Owner create4D, Head of The School of AI NL

Radhika Kulkarni

Vice President Advanced Analytics

SAS Institute (retired)

Adina Popescu

Futurist, Philosopher

Founder and CEO of ÆRTH

Natasa Milic-Frayling

Chair of Data Science University of Nottingham & Chair of ACM Women Europe

Elena Fersman

Research Director @ Ericsson, PhD

Adj Professor @ KTH Royal Inst of Tech

Nadia Abouayoub

Strategist/Improvement Lead Banking

Member of BCS AI Committee

Dr. Susan Wegner

VP AI & Data Analytics

Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Prof. Dr. Klaus Diepold

Professor Machine Intelligence

Technical University of Munich

Nabil Alsabah

Head of Artificial Intelligence


Anemone Ahmad Nejad Paleko

Knowledge Expert


Peter Seeberg



Nicole Büttner


Merantix LABS

Sanja Jovanovic

Cloud, Data & AI Architect


George Bara

VP Linguistic AI


Clemens Wasner

Founder & CEO


Britta Daffner

Head AI & Data Science


Yves Merlin

Chief Security Officer - General Data Protection Regulator - Chief Software Architect

Helga Brogger


Norwegian Society of Radiology

Delfina Belli

Student Sciences Po & AI Policy Researcher

The Future Society

Vera Matisovits

Principal Solutions Data & AI


Judith Cerit

Mathematician, PhD, Sr Researcher

Technical University of Munich

Ella Maria Kadas



Stefan Kindermann

Chess Grandmaster

Intelligent Intuition

Leila Toplic

AI & Ethics Leader for Non Profit Sector

Marc Teerlink

Global Vice President


Laura Bücheler

Co-Founder & MD

GHOST - feel it

Rob Toews

VC at Highland Capital Partners & AI Columnist at Forbes

Stephanie Fischer

Managing Director 


Matthias Eireiner


Claire Matuka

Data Scientist

Ada Lab

Claudia Rössler

AI Leader for AgTech


Algirdas Stonys

CEO & Founder 



Our Ms. AI Ambassadors are profiled individuals who are passionately representing our vision and brand in their communities.

Karin Maria Schertler

General Manager Serviceplan Holding 

#NewWorldOfWork Ambassador

Laura Lacurezeanu

CEE Leader Education Microsoft

CEE Ambassador

Catrinel Fratean

Partnerships & Fundraising @teleportHQ

Romania Ambassador