TO make practical knowledge about ai accessible to everyone, we ARE DOING: 


Check out these 30 mins online discussions on Artificial Intelligence post-Covid with global experts and their solutions and ideas. Click on the square images below to go to the respective spotify podcast. To get tickets click on the round image below.
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Check out the 23 short videos with global AI experts explaining AI, and the 30 mins podcasts of our FridAI Facts series! 

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We have many speaking engagements, aiming to enable people to understand, engage, share and thrive with AI. Contact us if you would like to invite Nancy Nemes to speak at your event!

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The Ms. AI 2018 TOUR

The newly formed initiative Ms. AI has been launched in 2018. Below you can see all the places where we've introduced it for the first time and how. We are delighted with the amazing resonance and thank all our partner for the great support.


Contact us if you would like to invite Ms. AI to your event!

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AI is a driving force for change and not a threat to humanity, if used ethically. We advise on all things AI: 


  • To understand the fundamentals of AI and its impact on our life

  • To identify a strong AI strategy for the digital era

  • To grow AI from a technical tool to a strategic business partner

  • To decide when, why and how to map your data to build relevant AI

Ethics is a nascent field in AI, and so we are advising on:

  • How to build ethical cultures in the AI era

  • What is AI safety, transparency and opacity

  • What impact will AI have on women

  • How to design algorithms that are robust against manipulation

We conduct Workshops, Think Tanks, Hackathons, Webcasts on AI topics.


Check out our video interviews with AI Experts!


Contact us for more details! 

Learn about the types of AI:

ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence),

AGI (Artificial General Intelligence),

ASI (Artificial Superhuman Intelligence)

Learn about Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning. And programming languages such as Python, Hadoop, R. 

Learn "Core Human Skills" necessary for the human-machine-interaction: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Social Influence, Persuasion, Negotiation, Factstelling and Storytelling

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