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Check out these 30 mins online discussions on Artificial Intelligence post-Covid with global experts and their solutions and ideas. Click on the images below to go to the respective spotify podcast. To get tickets click on the round image below! 
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What you will experience at #humanAIze



Get premium knowledge from celebrated visionaries in AI


Get access to meaningful connections & powerful ecosystems


Get unambiguous tips that you can turn into action to advance your AI projects  


Listen to a star Soprano, discuss with a top Podcaster, enjoy ART in AI

What is #humanAIze

Online and offline education on Artificial Intelligence: Interactive & Essential Solutions!


#humanAIze is a unique platform for exchange with highly curated content connecting AI experts from private and public sectors and cross-pollinating with philosophers, anthropologists, doctors, neuro-scientists, psychologists, artists and more to spark new ideas that drive business and societal value. The powerful programs are combining online and offline sessions, workshops, panels and fire side chats with artistic moments for deeply human interactions in a world of high tech prevalence. 


The programs are taking place primarily online or in top quality venues in strategic European cities and will allow you to:

  • Get inspiring thought-provoking content in a multi-disciplinary, cross-functional view

  • Connect with diverse leaders that have climbed the mountain of success & challenges in AI

  • Gather ideas and methodologies that you can put into practice to advance your own AI strategy and execution

  • Get inspired by the spirit and have fun by interacting with creative artists and authors from the AI field 


We are on a journey towards an inclusive, diverse and human-centric world and Artificial Intelligence is a tool to help us get there. At #humanAIze we are exploring the nexus of mobility, automation, personal and environmental change in the context of the regional economy. We will connect ideas with practice and address current challenges and future opportunities. #humanAIze helps you foster clarity and qualitative execution in your industry. With a focus on Europe, we are driving optimism, courage and ambition to establish the region as a global leader in AI. 

Who will attend: 

  • Business & Technical Leaders

  • Philosophers, Anthropologists, Neuroscientists, Doctors, Artists

  • Professors, Researchers, NGO & Public Sector Leaders

The program language is English.


Join now! Don't miss the future!


2020 Conference at the Hotel Adlon Berlin

Date will be announced soon! Likely in Q4 of 2020!

Our Speakers
Andrea Martin
Leader IBM Watson IOT Center Munich
Lin Kayser
CEO Hyperganic Technologies
Susan Wegner
Chief Data Officer Deutsche Telekom
Dr. Vince Madai
AI Scientific Lead Charité Berlin, CSO @ ai4medicine, MD, PhD, MA
Anne Philippi
Author, Founder and Host of the Podcast "Surviving Tech"
Prof. Dr. Klaus Diepold
Professor Machine Intelligence Technical University of Munich
Rahaf Harfoush
Digital Anthropologist and Author
Rüdiger Lentz
Executive Director Aspen Institute Germany
Eszter Debreczeni
Founder esthra.com
Matthias Eireiner
Founder at organ.io
Nancy Nemes
Founder & CEO @ Ms. AI, Founder of #humanAIze
Hazem Danny Al-Nakib
VC, Entrepreneur, Strategist
Lina Krawietz
Founder & CEO of This is Legal Design
Mio Loclair
Artist & Coder, Creative Director @ Waltz Binaire
Adina Popescu
Philosopher, VR / AR Expert, Founder @ ÆRTH
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   9:00 AM

10:30 AM

9:45 AM

 10:00 AM

11:15 AM

11:00 AM

Registration & Welcome Coffee 

Opening with the Conference Founder and Chair

Nancy Nemes, CEO Nemes Ventures, Founder of #humanAIze

Anne Philippi, Author, Founder and Host of the Podcast "Surviving Tech", MC of this conference

CEOs Theme: Human & Augmented Intelligence - Megatrends, Challenges and Value Propositions

Andrea Martin, Leader IBM Watson IOT Center Munich & Expert member of the Commission for AI of the German Parliament

Anti-Fragile Concepts for Facilitating AI-based Innovation 

Prof. Dr. Ing Klaus Diepold, Professor Machine Intelligence, Technical University of Munich

AI-designed machines as complex as Nature 

Lin Kayser, CEO hyperganic Technologies

Intelligent Governance: Responsibility, Trust and Robust Collaborative Models

Andrea Martin, Leader IBM Watson IOT Center Germany

Hazem Danny Al-Nakib, VC, Lawyer, Founder Cambridge Blockchain

Lin Kayser, CEO Hyperganic Technologies 

+ Audience Speaker

Moderated by: Rüdiger Lentz, CEO Aspen Institute Germany

Lunch & Human Exchange


1:00 PM

1:30 PM

2:15 PM

2:30 PM

Surprise Keynote 

To be announced 

Human-Centered AI will help Transform Businesses and enable New Business Models

Susan Wegner, Chief Data Officer Deutsche Telekom

Dr. Vince Madai, M.D., M.A., AI Scientific Lead Charité Berlin

+ Audience Speaker

Moderated by:  Dejan Jovicevic, CEO and Co-Founder Der Brutkasten Vienna

How AI can help us Save our Land, Air, and Water  

Adina Popescu, Philosopher, VR / AR Expert, Founder @ ÆRTH

Hustle and Float: Balancing Execution and Inspiration in a World of Constant Connection

Rahaf Harfoush, Digital Anthropologist and Best-Selling Author

Coffee Break & Human Exchange


3:30 PM

5:00 PM

5:30 PM

Rapid Fire Learning: A Deeply Human Interaction for Co-Creation

4 Workshops for Insights (in parallel - choose one) - chaired by Dr. Laura Bechthold

Workshop #1. From Data to Actionable Intelligence - chaired by Dr. Matthias Eireiner (CEO organ.io) and Lina Krawietz (Lawyer and Co-Founder This Is Legal Design)

Workshop #2. Disruption, Resilience & Sustainability in AI - chaired by Tyson Barker (Programm Director & Fellow Aspen Institute Germany) and Adina Popescu (Philosopher, VR / AR Expert, Founder @ ÆRTH)

Workshop #3. Vision 2023: AI ROI & Business Models for Success - chaired by Lin Kayser (CEO Hyperganic Technologies) and Hazem Danny Al-Nakib (Founder Cambridge Blockchain) 

Workshop #4. The Augmented AI Talent: Culture and Mindset - chaired by Eszter Debreczeni, Founder of Esthra and Dr. Isabella Hermann, Researcher "Responsibility & AI" at Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW) 


The results will be published in a Whitepaper and made available to all attendees in January 2020

Artificial Vanity

Mio Loclair, Creative Director Waltz Binaire, Artist, Coder, Choreographer 

Closing: The 3 Elements of Success for AI Impact

Nancy Nemes, CEO Nemes Ventures & Founder #humanAIze and Ms. AI

Human Vibes

Private concert with Hila Fahima Ruschin - Israeli star coloratura soprano

7:00 PM


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