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Why taking action creates success

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

By Nancy Nemes - Founder Ms. AI

Women can win the race against the automation!

According to the World Economic Forum, women are more likely to be employed in jobs that face the highest automation risks. For example, 73% of cashiers in shops are women, yet 97% of cashiers are expected to lose their jobs to automation.

So how do we reverse the gender imbalance in Europe (and USA!) in tech related businesses?

Many authors and publications are writing apocalyptic scenarios on women and automation. A 2018 survey by the World Economic Forum predicts “Given women’s low participation in STEM [science, technology, engineering, mathematical] professions, one of the fastest-growing areas of job creation, women stand to gain only one new STEM job for every 20 lost across other job families, whereas the ratio for men is one new job for every four lost elsewhere”.

To mitigate the risks brought by automation and avoid increased gender disparity, women should focus on learning, unlearning and relearning skills for the 21st century. Constant reskilling is what will help workers stay relevant and not only be able to find jobs in new areas, but potentially even earning more than in their past jobs. Women can bring creativity, innovation and intuition to the AI world. And that leads to excellent opportunities to find new and different ways to solve logical issues with a quantum of emotional intelligence.

“If you are a woman who wishes to advance in the automation business and who aspires to hold a leadership position, there has never been a better time” - Jim Pinto, technology futurist and automation industry commentator

Get in touch with Ms. AI and find out how you can win the robot gender gap!

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