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Welcome to Ms.AI @ Nemes Ventures

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

By Nancy Nemes - Founder Ms. AI

The future of Artificial Intelligence is more exciting than ever. After decades stuck in research labs, AI is now ready to improve people lives. Ms. AI is ready too.

AI will disrupt and transform all the sectors that generate and use data, from tech to manufacturing, mobility, healthcare, finance, retail, or finance. What does this mean for women? What type of competencies and skills will bring success in the digital era?

With have created Ms. AI at Nemes Ventures to provide a platform for multi-disciplinary collaboration, knowledge collection, awareness and dissemination of AI related knowledge. We support the female population in making sense of AI to enable them to win in the AI era. And we advise the C-suite and Board of Directors on the adoption of AI and how to build trust at the intersection of efficiency, automation and humanity.

The pre-announcements and launch of Ms. AI will take place at various locations in Europe, starting with Varna, Barcelona and Munich in October and November 2018 and continuing with other locations across Europe. Stay tuned for more details soon :-)

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