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Unleashing the power of Europe’s women entrepreneurs: Six ideas to drive big change

Europe has the potential to lead on digital innovation, but it still lags behind the United States and other regions. One way to close the gap is to address Europe’s gender imbalance in entrepreneurship. In 2018, Europe had six women entrepreneurs (tech and non-tech) for every 10 men – the lowest ratio among the global regions measured in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report. The disparity was even greater in tech – only 5% of Europe’s tech founders were female. Furthermore, the percentage of venture capital going to European all-female teams has declined from 2.6% in 2017 to 0.4% in 20194 and less than 8% of European investors and business angels are women.

Our founder Nancy Nemes has participated in this initiative and we are delighted to provide the results in this official report.

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