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To work with the robot, you need to be more human.

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

By Nancy Nemes - Founder Ms. AI

Skills for the AI era

We are already living in the AI era and AI is impacting our life in more ways than we are even aware of. So what skills do we need to continue to thrive?

Below are 4 tips on how to get started.

1. Accept AI is here to help, not to harm humans. Here is a good reading on Utopian vs Dystopian views of AI. Remember we just entered the "Narrow AI" phase - and there is a long way to go to reach higher levels, with General AI in the far away future

2. Data and analytics are core to AI. A study released by the World Economic Forum shows that data related skills will be most in demand in the next 5 to 10 years. The key hard skills required will be: data analysts (including big data specialists), data scientists, AI & machine learning specialists, software developers, app developers and analysts

3. Emotional Intelligence (or soft skills) is even more important than analytical skills and only humans can exhibit them. Women are particularly adept to read and understand emotions and can easily perform emotional labour. Creativity, active listening, empathy, innovative spirit, intuition, compassion, adaptation to change are skills needed to excite, influence and motivate people in an era of powerful and pervasive technology.

4. Be a perpetual learner. AI will always need human guidance. So you have to continue to learn and shape your world. It is fun, stimulating, and keeps you young.

AI is disruptive and revolutionary. It brings known and unknown challenges and opportunities. In Europe, we have a millennial old basis for imagination, creativity, and spirit and hence a huge opportunity to put AI at the service of our citizens and economies. We need to modernize our education systems in order to accelerate the skilling and re-skilling of our European workforce.

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