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Robots we like

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

By Nancy Nemes - Founder Ms. AI

Humans are fascinated with robots. Scientists are building robots that use artificial intelligence to look, talk or move like people. Or like dogs. Hier are some of the robots we love most.

KUKA ROBOT - A human robot dance duet with Huang Yi - watch on YouTube

Marco Tempest's mechanical marvel, the thinking machine EDI - watch the TED talk on YouTube

5 smart home robots you can own - watch on YouTube

Next Generation Robots from Boston Dynamics, Asimo, DaVinci...

And here is an interesting video showing 10 unexpected things that AI might make possible by 2050.

From the advanced physical functionalities to the outlook of even being able to teach them human traits such as empathy, these robots are going to change the way we work and live. They bring many benefits to humans and we have many questions to think about and answer, like What is AI really capable of? How can it help solve our problems in life and business? And how should we feel about the future?

Which robots do you like most?

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