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Pragmatic Artificial Intelligence

Or how we can make meaningful connections at digital conferences

One of the most meaningful connections I've made in 2018 was meeting Denis Rothman at Innowave Summit in Varna. Dimitar Vasilev kindly invited me to speak there back in October. We, the speakers, were just having lunch at a cool restaurant down town Varna.... and I happen to sit at the same table with Denis. As we made intros, I noticed his name on the name tag and I was instantly delighted. I knew Denis Rothman is an expert in AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, a prolific speaker. Denis is also the author of the book Artificial Intelligence by example.

And so we had a long conversation in Varna and we started a great collaboration as we both returned to our home countries. It is always great to work with prolific, fast, and passionate people. Doing what you are good at, what you love and where you can truly make a difference.

Denis is covering a broad range of areas. From writing machine learning and deep learning solutions, to developing in Python, IBM Watson (Chatbot), IBM Hyperledger (Blockchains), IBM's Quantum Computer, Google's API console, Dialogflow, Facebook, Twitter, Tensforflow and Amazon Web Services(AWS). To sharing his amazing experience and research of over 30 years through books, courses and as a speaker.

He is an inspiring combination of a lateral thinker, an AI visionary, but also a doer with great insights, a sophisticated developer, philosopher, wine connoisseur, globetrotter, and certainly more.

As we're working with our Ambassadors, Experts, and knowledge partners; I thought you might enjoy reading a few Portraits of these brilliant minds who are shaping the world's future.

To find out more, you can read Denis's books, or do his online trainings - right here.

You can also watch the short video interviews I did with Denis on various AI topics - on our YouTube channel. Or read his witty, straight forward answers on The Proust QuestionAIre. Or just stay tuned as we will announce more.

Get in touch if you're curious to know more!

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