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Ms. AI - the What & the Why

Updated: May 23, 2019

AI first. Europe first. FeMale first.

Ms. AI is an eclectic and diverse group of distinguished AI experts and brand ambassadors consisting of developers, business leaders, authors, professors, researchers, artists, philosophers, anthropologists, corporate managers, and entrepreneurs.

With a vision to “enable 10 million women in Europe with AI by 2023”, Ms. AI promotes innovative entrepreneurship and diverse, inclusive networks to help improve the quality of life for everyone. Our inter-disciplinary and eclectic approach is currently unique in Europe.

We are driving innovative, qualitative and ethical AI to make Europe a strong player in the algorithm era. The future belongs to those who can imagine, influence, create and collaborate. Artificial Intelligence provides and demands the simultaneous existence of all these skills and women are needed herein in order to create unbiased products. Therefore, we want to help women and all humans understand, use, work and thrive with AI.

Our mission is considered accomplished when women are equally represented within the AI community in every country in Europe. The realization of this mission will depend upon accelerating the following key capabilities:

- Developing a vibrant ecosystem of AI experts who are supporting companies and people to accelerate innovations in AI.

- Building strong platforms to democratize AI in education, driving the right talent and skills and avoiding brain drain. And broadly communicating the AI benefits, limitations, opportunities, and challenges to ensure everyone has a clear understanding.

- Shifting from theoretical and academic explorations into practical implementations that will generate value for the businesses. And putting the spot-light on real-life examples of AI deployments and their results for business and human value.

We believe in cross-country collaboration, the power of sharing and solidarity leading to deeper cooperation between the countries. Europe is a unique place with great diversity (gender, background, culture) and that shall be leveraged to overcome obvious biases. Involving more women for a human-friendly AI is of highest priority.

We have the entire humanity in focus! Talk to us to find out more!

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