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Metaverse Morality. About self-respect and avatars.

In China, the words of 2021 were “Metaverse”, “Cure” and “Epidemic”. Globally, “Metaverse” has become a top ten online term in 2021.

Drawing inspiration from Cosmology, the terms Metaverse, Multiverse and Omniverse are catching attention and creating new paradigms in both the digital and the virtual world. And we at #humanAIze took the liberty to play with a new word: "Realverse" to compare and contrast to the other verses :-)

"Whilst the technology for creating a Metaverse is new, the concept was first described by Neal Stephenson in his science fiction novel ‘Snow Crash’ published in 1992. A Multiverse is a collection of multiple observable universes. Each universe in a multiverse shares common laws of physics, elementary particles, and everything in between with the parent universe. An Omniverse is a superset of every single universe and multiverse that has existed. Omni in Latin means of all things. In essence, Omniverse is the final existence. Although digitally we are far from creating this space, we can be sure that every attempt at interoperability is an attempt towards reaching Omniverse" - Aayush Jindal in newsbtc

The Metaverse needs AI to enhance areas like computer vision, speech processing, robotic interactions, whole-body pose estimation, and much more. Most importantly, it needs Morality, our human ability to ask AND answer the right ethical questions to architect a fair participation in the digital agora.

Humans, machines and avatars have a right and obligation to bring universal respect to the basic human rights - those of freedom, privacy, education and well-being. With a supreme principle of morality applied to all agents, be it avatars with limited emotional expression, humanoid machines or homo sapiens, we humans are the one who decide how the next "Verse" will look like (and what it will be called :-)

Let's connect the Metaverse and the Realverse with rational humanity!

Here is to a smooth and smart 2022!

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