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Manifesto for "Great AI Made in Europe"

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Our journey to meaningful leadership.

Berlin, 05. April. 2019 – The Berlin start up Ms. AI – Artificial Intelligence for and with women is delighted to introduce the Manifesto for “Great AI Made in Europe”.

We, an eclectic group of AI Experts and Ms. AI Ambassadors have united during March 2019 to address some of the big questions of our AI era. We are AI developers, authors, professors, researchers, artists, philosophers, anthropologists, corporate managers, and entrepreneurs and have thoughtfully raised and addressed several big questions such as:

· How can we scale AI across Europe?

· What does Europe need to achieve digital transformation?

· What should Europe do to drive interconnected systems and societal inclusiveness?

· What are the Skill Gaps in AI in Europe?

· What AI Infrastructure is needed in Europe to lead and compete in AI vs US and China?

· In what foundational AI areas should Europe invest?

In order to lead in AI, Europe should embrace the following 5 elements:

1. Optimism: Believe in the European countries to be winners of the AI era, not losers. Speak more about the AI results vs the process! Ask “How do YOU want to change the world of AI today”?

2. Courage: To take risks, to change, to stop getting intimated. We are making the future! Progress is not linear.

3. Ambition: Develop our European and local market unique selling propositions and capabilities for AI! Create the infrastructure for the free flow of data, generate and enhance investment and public funding, and develop a meaningful digital ecosystem based on European values.

4. Trust: Educate the entire population on AI benefits, limitations, opportunities and challenges. Create innovative ways of regulating and scale down outdated rules that inhibit innovation.

5. Speed: Be fast, now! It is urgent. Show European AI use cases now and act on our AI strategy now. We are in charge.

In this context, we have concluded that Europe has a key responsibility and global opportunity in driving innovative, qualitative and ethical AI. Its realization will depend upon accelerating the following key capabilities:

· Developing a vibrant ecosystem of deep tech and AI start-ups that will use AI to create NEW business models, while supporting large enterprises in accelerating their innovations in AI.

· Building the right talent and skills and avoiding brain drain by incentivizing in the right way.

· Communicating broadly on the AI benefits, limitations, opportunities, and challenges to ensure citizens have a clear understanding rather than fear and mistrust. We need continuous, clear education, a revolution at schools, new / flexible funding of ideas, motivating systems, seed funding, less pre-conditions and formalities. We have to shift towards a human-centric and technology-enabled, agile learning experience.

· Accelerating the creation of a coherent European strategy and a European control agency that is legally binding and drives a strong and smart European legislation supporting AI, including data protection and transparency. Mechanisms which do not hinder technical development but control what is socially and democratically desirable in democratic systems. In addition, a European fund, organized similarly to DARPA, which makes strong investments in breakthrough technologies and iterative approaches.

· Shifting from theoretical and academic explorations of AI into practical implementations that will generate value for the businesses. And putting the spot-light on many real-life examples of AI deployments and their results for business and human value.

AI innovation will thrive by better connecting ecosystems, facilitating collaboration of stakeholders and taking an inclusive approach which also contributes to societal cohesion.

The AI transformation builds upon a successful digital transformation and Europe needs a progressive environment for smaller companies to create services and products, to generate jobs and sustainable interest - instead of quick exits.

We all need to drive the value of cross-country collaboration: together we are stronger. We should stop the growing dangerous trend of "alone is better", recalling the power of sharing and solidarity leading to deeper cooperation between the countries.

Europe is a unique place with great diversity (gender, background, culture) and that shall be leveraged to overcome obvious biases. Involving more women for a human-friendly AI should be of highest priority.

We plea for Europe to not strive to run after or compete vs other regions, but to establish our own way, playing on our secular strengths. We shall look for synergies, for how can we add extra value and #humanAIze more of what we do. Discover together – across all countries. We are the reminders of and the gatekeepers for an AI that serves a higher purpose!

Let us have the entire humanity in focus!

Signatories. This manifesto is signed by the Ms. AI Ambassadors and Experts:

About Ms. AI - Artificial Intelligence For And With Women

The future belongs to those who can imagine, influence, create and collaborate. Artificial Intelligence provides and demands the simultaneous existence of all these skills and women are needed herein.

Ms. AI, a brand of Nemes Ventures, helps women understand, use, work and thrive with Artificial Intelligence through Education, Ecosystem and People platforms.

With a vision to “Enable 10 Million women in Europe with AI by 2023”, Ms. AI promotes innovative entrepreneurship and diverse, inclusive networks that leverage AI to help improve the quality of life for everyone. Our inter-disciplinary and eclectic approach is currently unique in Europe. Our mission is considered accomplished when women are equally represented within the AI community in Europe.

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