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Curbing Corona Pandemic via Consumer Data Driven Platform - Kenyan Startup Afya Rekod takes action!

The Kenyan HealthTech AI and Blockchain powered platform aim to capture real time users’/patients’ health data and to drive connectivity and engagement between patients, doctors and other health care providers.

Nairobi, Kenya:24th March 2020: Kenyan health tech startup Afya Rekod is sprinting to launch its AI and Blockchain built consumer driven health data platform amidst the corona virus pandemic in support of global efforts to curb the disease by providing a portal for people across the world to store their health data in real time, with a special focus on Covid 19.This advanced system built to help users store their own health data, access health information and connect to health service providers was set to launch end of July 2020. The Founder and CEO of Afya Rekod John Kamara said “Afya Rekod is a medical data storage platform that allows patients to store their health records, the medication they take as well as keep journals of their statuses and that of their kids and families. The platform is AI driven and uses various AI modules to help detect abnormalities, detect early out breaks and monitor mobility and evolution of diseases via timely data analytics.”

“Africa and most of the third world countries have limited doctors and access to health care services. Lack of patient data in real time makes the problem even more damaging to both patients and health service providers across the continent. Over 65% of Africans live in rural communities that are not connected and are off grid in terms of access to health care services. This is the problem we are trying to solve”, explained Kamara. However, the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic has shown the world once again that centralized health management systems that rely solely onpeople walking into a health facility are not sufficient. The world also needs decentralized systemsthat enable people to updatetheir own records, anytime, anywhere, in multiformats.One of the critical issues affecting the world during emergencies like thisincludes inefficiency that leads to untimely deathsdue to lack of or limited data,scantyaccess to health care services, unverified informationand lack of, and delayed responses among other things.“We are fast tracking to launch the platform4months ahead of its time toenable the world tocapture real time data that willhit map areas where the Corona infectionsaregrowingand monitorthe growth in real time by collecting user generated informationfrom millions of users across multiple geographic locations to allow for sufficient data analysis in support of the global efforts to curb the disease.”

“Afya Rekod comes at a crucial time when the world is experiencing one of the biggest pandemics of its generations and we need to monitor the movement and evolution of the virus very closely to determine the changing nature of symptoms among other things.” further stated Kamara. The growing digitization of health care at a time when the world is required to isolate provides an unprecedented opportunity for the world to come together and unite in efforts. Afya Rekod is currently in discussions with various entities across governments and developing partners to explore how their efforts can be accelerated urgently for Covid 19.The platform presents a unique ability to address critical emerging health needs as it has a differentiated product that is centered around the most important entity in a health equation, an individual/a patient which presents a rapidly

growing opportunity to launch an AI engine that solves and help the world prevent and monitor the spread of global pandemics like Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19).

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