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Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest

Artificial Intelligence has been shown in several movies over the years. From Ex_Machina to A. I. Artificial Intelligence, from I, Robot to Matrix and Uncanny, all the way to my favorite, Metropolis (from 1927!), screenwriters have been playing around with the concept of AI for almost a century. Many attribute the popularization of AI to Stanley Kubrik with Space Odyssey in 2001 but the first known illustration of AI dates way back to 1927 in Frantz Lang's Metropolis.

In this context, it is with great excitement that we want to bring to your attention the initiative of our friend and #humanAIze member Dr. Isabella Hermann - the Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest which has a remedy for the Lockdown Easter blues :-)

In cooperation with the Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival, they will present nine finely selected and surprisingly different science fiction short films from Australia on the upcoming Easter weekend (3./4. April.). The streaming takes place on their channel at, where you need to register briefly: under the link you will also find the detailed program. The tickets cost 6 USD - after buying them you can watch the films the whole Saturday and Sunday (CET) whenever and as often as you want.

Happy dreaming and Happy Easter!

Nancy and the #humanAIze community

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