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AI & Inclusion: The Raventest

By guest author: Dilek Demir - Ms. AI Expert

Raven are ugly. In literature many authors tried to picture them or they became the role of the protagonist. [1 - 6]

Recently, when I tried to sort out my ideas, I was watching with my brother some raven while doing their stuff at parks in Vienna. He told me that these birds are the most intelligent ones. He used to tell me very crazy facts, ever since I started to talk to him about Quantum Physics as he was eight. He said: '....did you know that ravens use cars as nutcrackers?' They do! [7] It is officially proven! Raven can build claws and many more tools to reach their food all by themselves [9 - 10]. They are solving complex problems and it is incredibly thrilling to see them solving complex problems as in this video [8].

So far, so good but where is the connection with AI?

The moment he told me that my brain started to brainstrom. If we want to build an AI - open society using all the benefits of AI then we should take nature, animals, humans, feelings and ecosystems into account. This means that at a certain milestone the acceptance and usage of the new invention should be examined and tested within a certain ecosystem including some intelligent animals, nature, and humans.

Good businessmen and -women are already doing similar tests for marketing purposes and user experience enhancement before they introduction a simple new mobile application.

Looking back to history, every invention, has its negative and positive development.

I believe the positive developments can dominate, when we include animals too during the AI evolution by watching them how they interacting with e.g.: Self-driving cars guided by control systems, flying systems, .... The same for raven, cars, nuts and solving complex problems.

A set of AI laws making sure that new major developments are decided peacefully in accordance with the current ecosystem, would help in this era.The ecosystmen could be constructed as big national parks on different spots on earth with integrated observation spaces.

Roboter getting the status of world (or EU) citizen, only if they are set out to the test ecosystem and stay there for a period to make observations how the surrounding world reacts to them. I am currently not discussing about the long-term benefits to learn from other species on earth. This has again two benefits:

1) The improvement of such systems and making them very user-friendly

2) Learn more from the already existing nature, animals and ecosystem while watching the direct interaction of these systems

The first nominees are raven for the ecosystem because of their known intelligence on the behavior to machines.

A penny for your thoughts!

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