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AI & Inclusion: School sucks! Education not!

By guest author: Dilek Demir - Ms. AI Expert, Data Scientist, Forbes 30 under 30

Sometimes I get home and I am so happy to release the world outside of my flat.

I am thinking a lot, the moment I see people taking picture of one and each other.

You saw these tourists running around and taking pictures? I might be a dreamer but why are they so slow with taking pics and why are they not using the technology correctly?

Then I thought a little bit about this situation. They do not know it better because it all goes back to the days when we were young. At school asking questions were mostly connected to a very embarrassing situation. Either class mates or the teacher made you feel guilty or stupid. I know it from myself. These situations simply stopped me from asking. But that should not be the case.

Group of People Asking Questions
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I think that with A. I. we can introduce a completely new way of thinking, learning and teaching. Many people, who are not constantly checking media for new WhatsApp updates for example are above a certain age. These people should get extra time in digital. This can be done everywhere and anytime. At the local store, you can organize for a group of people a digital coffee with drinks for free or some free food, when they solve a problem on the local vending machine. With two to three people right there, you can reach some people and help them to get more into this topic. At the small shops you can make offers, when they are getting digital so everybody can get a benefit.

At work I encourage every CIO to talk to their CEO and CTO with real actual numbers and introduce AI lessons. That extra A. I. time for 1 hour a week can save money, time and in long term a company's production level. The information you circle in the company can come from the younger generation. This cycle can easily be closed, when to older once tell the younger generation about their own business.

At home you can invent great games for all ages to use their cellphones by using Bluetooth or any other interesting features to play small games on the screen.

I have to say we can not stop the A.I. revolution, we can not accelerate faster the A.I. revolution either. There are always going to be people, who are not interested or do not want to. These people will understand at some point that they can not escape this and will do at least the minimum. Secondly, there will be always cheating and loop holes in any system. Look at the animals. Best example are squirrels. I love them because they have this bushy tail and look so sweet but even they are cheating to get the other squirrels' nuts.

Any system is not 100% secure except a Quantum system.

Simply MOVE! I would love to see the world changing on a better way by using A. I. on everyday basis.

A penny for your thoughts!

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