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Optimism · Courage · Speed
  • Entrepreneur, Investor, Business and Digital Darwinist
  • Creator loving life and travelling the world and bringing enthusiasm and vigor to people and companies through effective leadership, commercial & operational management accuracy and ambition for the greater society cause  
  • High tech executive & entrepreneur
  • Managing director at the digital startup Nemes Ventures, founder of Ms. AI and   #humanAIze
  • Focus on: AI, IOT, Mobility, Cybersecurity, Embedded Systems, Cloud, Hardware, Software, Product GTM. Change Management & Transformation, Digital Literacy & Leadership, Sales, Marketing & General Management.
  • Keynote Speaker, Author, Blogger
  • Board advisor
  • Former leader at Google and Microsoft (2001-2018)
  • Fluent in English, German, French, Italian, Romanian, Spanish
  • Named one of “the most inspiring business women in European technology” by InspiringFifty.
Nancy Nemes
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Hi, I am Nancy - a rational optimist, a humanist, and a world citizen. My drivers are curiosity, courage and truth. I am fascinated by how technology can help enrich people lives and I have a passion for speedy delivery of impact. Ambiguity, inconsistency, novelty and surprise spur me on as I rely on intuition and integrating action early on into the thinking process. Working with emerging tech since 1995, I have held several senior leadership positions at Google, Microsoft, and Avnet covering a broad range of consumer and industrial businesses and technologies such as IOT, Mobile, Digital, AI, Cybersecurity, Hardware and Software platforms. I have studied, worked and lived in the United States, Germany, Romania, Italy and France.

In 2019, I found a non-profit initiative to drive education, inclusion and diversity in Artificial Intelligence – we feature over 100 experts and are jointly working to reach 10 Million women in Europe with AI by 2023. I am also the founder and curator of #humanAIze – Activating Your Mindset! - a top European exchange platform for AI & Humanities. Currently, I am delighted to support MIT as a Judge for Artificial Intelligence for their program Innovators Under 35, and Bitkom Germany as a member in their Council of Experts for AI.


As board member, I advise startups, mature businesses, and governments on business and technology topics.

My book The Proust QuestionnAIre - Artificial Intelligence in a stunningly diverse way, was published in February 2020 and is top ranking in positive reader reviews. It features top experts and their views on AI in an easy and fun Q & A style. A must read for everyone who wants to better understand AI and its impact on humans. 

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” (Abraham Lincoln)

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